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Templates and Forms
Contract Documents
The documents listed below are provided as a reference and will form the basis of all subcontract negotiations. You are encouraged to review these documents and indicate any exceptions when you submit your proposal.

  • Template: Model Subcontract for Time and Material/Task Order Contracts

  • Template: Model Subcontract for Cost Reimbursable (CPFF) Term Contracts

  • Template: Model Subcontract for Cost Reimbursable (CPFF) Completion Contracts

  • Template: Model Consulting/Subcontracting Agreement for Independent Contractors

  • Template: Model Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Template: Contract Security Classification Specification (DD254)

  • Template: Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL)


The following files will assist you in preparing your proposal to Praxis, submitting your invoices, and reporting your monthly activities. You're not required to use these files, but using them ensures that you meet all of Praxis's requirements.

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